Everything is Getting More Expensive Except NorCal Cannabis

Recently I went to one of my favorite cannabis dispensary in Sonoma County and bought a full ounce of primo NorCal flowers for just $75. Then I started thinking that almost everything we buy including gas, food and vehicles have really gotten way more expensive during the last year.

But weed is the only exception due to supply and demand for this now legal product in California, and in many other states in the USA. Why? More legally grown cannabis is available this season than ever before, and prices are lower if you know where to shop.

Sure, you can pay a lot more for a fancy jar of weed at an upscale San Francisco dispensary, but there really is no need to pay more when prices are generally trending lower in California.

In past years, and as recently as last year the wholesale price of a pound of trimmed buds was around $1,500. Today that same pound could go for around $600. wholesale. Why so much of radical price reduction? Supply and demand since more cannabis is being grown legally than ever before, thus the downward pressure on prices.

From a grower or “farmer’s” perspective this recent downward pressure on wholesale cannabis prices is really hurting profitability. Clearly many cannabis farmers will not survive in this very competitive environment.

However, for the dispensaries and consumers it’s excellent news, and this development should continue just as it has in other states such as neighboring Oregon where an abundance of legal weed is now grown each year.

Unlike others, we start all of our tours right here in the wine country so that you can take in the awesome scenery, without the long drives from Oakland or San Francisco. We cater to out-of-state visitors like you, and to small groups of 2~6 passengers too.

Please book your tour in advance to reserve the best date for your tour. Just click on the “book now” button on our website and select the best date and the corresponding option depending on where you will be staying upon your visit, since we do provide door-to-door service to our guests, so you don’t have to worry about driving.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly via email, or phone. See you soon!


(707) 843-5250

We are looking forward to meeting you soon, and remember you’ll be leaving the driving to us, so you can have as much fun as you wish on a custom tour with Wine Country Weed Trips!

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