Spring has Arrived…

Spring has Arrived in The Sonoma Wine Country!

The winter storms have for the most part departed, sunny and warm 70-degree days are here for the first time since November 2018.  So, the weather is great for your visit to western Sonoma County, and to book a tour on Wine Country Weed Trips.

Everything is open in the way of recreational dispensaries in this area, and you can come see for yourself the best of western Sonoma County. Unlike Napa County, or the City of Sonoma, we have many dispensary options available, that are open for business in Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Guerneville, and Cotati.

Better yet, you can actually partake in Northern California’s finest on one of our 3-hour “Happy Hour” weed and wine tours. Or if you prefer craft beer, we have you covered with the best brew pubs in the region.

If you are staying outside the Sonoma County area, please contact us for directions and alternatives to join us for a fantastic tour here in the beautiful wine country. Book today via this website to assure that your dates are available.

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